Friday, February 4, 2011

mommy moments - love song

come to think of it...i haven't really got a particular song for little missy...i have several songs, but my favorite is the 'itty bitty baby girl' (by kelly willard) from the 'bless my little girl' cd...even now, she would still ask me to sing it to her even though she's all grown up and wouldn't fit my lap anymore!

her dada's favorite song for her is the 'butterfly kisses'...he would lovingly sing it to her and she would listen intently and fall asleep while listening to, i'd like to share with you her version of it...never mind the lyrics...hehe! (i was haggling with her because she doesn't want to sing at first and so she sang several songs until she finally gave in to singing the song). enjoy!

join us in mommy moments!

mommy moments

i choose to be happy!


  1. hehe ang cute naman ng baby mo mommy, talented pa. hehe

    My Life’s One Miracle

  2. i also love the bless my little girl CD :) i sang that song for my little boy though.. just changed the lyrics a bit :D

    cute little daughter talaga! :D

  3. that was very cute! Happy MM!

  4. You have a lovely cute little girl and she has lots of songs.

    Happy Mommy Moments!



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