Sunday, January 30, 2011

little missy's 4th birthday

little missy celebrated her 4th birthday this january...she was very specific on what she wanted for her birthday...and that is to celebrate it at none other than jollibee (kids really love it and i like it because it's less hassle) and to have hetty and twirlie with jollibee of course for the mascots.

on her birthday, the exact day that is, hubby and i took a day off and spent the whole day with her. we go out and do whatever pleases her...

we asked her where she want to eat, syempre pa, sa jollibee pa rin!

she wanted to play, so we let her be...

we watched 'metanoia' and she fell asleep towards the end of the movie

she said she wanted to play some more...and so be it

and play she did!

her wish come true...

happy birthday little missy! you're growing up so fast!

i choose to be happy!

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