Saturday, September 18, 2010

mommy moments - grandparents

how i wish my mom and dad were still here. i'm sure they would have terribly enjoyed being with my little missy. but it's ok, i'm also sure that they are just as happy and that they are looking after her...they are her angels.

fortunately, little missy still have her "mommy" lola and her "daddy" lolo at her father's side. she is very close with her "mommy" and would always ask from her a 'pasalubong' whenever she gets home...hehe =)

with her "mommy" lola

with her "daddy" lolo

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mommy moments

i choose to be happy!


  1. she still is lucky to have a pair of loving grandparents.. happy MM!

  2. thanks for joining us this week and sharing some photos :) hope to see you again next week!



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