Sunday, August 22, 2010

mommy moments - movies & kids

we love watching movies, whether it be in a cinema, or at home watching dvds or on a computer. however, going out on a movie date nowadays is quite expensive! so it is really a treat to go watch a movie in a cinema while munching popcorns. that's why we were not able to bring little missy along to a movie house when she was smaller because if she throw some tantrums, then we will not be able to finish the movie (and that is money wasted!).

these photos were taken of course, on her first movie day out while waiting for the screening of shrek forever after. she was complaining (well sort of inquiring) that it is dark and was asking all sorts of question. to give her some assurance, we told her that it's like watching tv, a veeeerrrryyyy big TV! she's looking all over the place, and at one point she said while pointing to the projector room, "ayun yung dvd mama o!" (there's the dvd player mama). hehe! observant little kiddo =)

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  1. cool family photos! :D and she looks like she really is enjoying it too!



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