Monday, August 23, 2010


i was on my way to the office passing through my usual route when my 'blood type' suddenly occured in my mind. and i quickly reply to myself, "you're a B+". at that instant, i have my "aha" know, like something of a grand idea pop out of your mind. but it is not really that 'grand'. it's just that, i thought, wow, i'm a "B+". i might as well apply it in my life. i should aim "to be positve" matter how there you go, i created a new blog. though i'm not really a good blogger (i couldn't even keep up with weekly blogging!). i figured, wrting it makes it more real, achievable, possible.

please visit my new blog. and if you happen to have some ideas on how "to be positive", just shoot me a message and i would be very happy to feature it in this new project of mine. be positive!

i choose to be happy!

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