Sunday, August 29, 2010

mommy moments - i love toys and gadgets!

little missy loves toys (who's kid doesn't?) and books....and gadgets! i bought for myself a nintendo DS lite as a, well, sort of a self gratification thing (i convinced myself hard enough that i had to buy it since i wasn't blessed with so much toys during my childhood, and i wanted so much that 'game & watch' thingy but couldn't have it back then). i thought i would be able to play around with my DS for a long time until i get bored with it then i'll pass it on to my little missy when maybe she's 4-5 yrs old. but now, it's all hers...she's claimed it already (she started playing it when she was still 2 yrs.old!) and i'm the one who borrows it from her...tsk.tsk.tsk.

playing with my DS...err...her DS lite

yes she loves to play with my laptop too...but that is mine missy...hehe

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i choose to be happy!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

ms.philippines as finalist in ms.universe 2010 in a major major way!

the inclusion of ms.philippines maria venus raj in the ms.universe 2010 beauty pageant was overshadowed by what had happened in the quirino grandstand tragedy. but nevertheless, we rejoiced somehow, knowing that a pinay was able to reach the finals of this prestigious beauty contest. and to think that prior to the contest, she was almost stripped off her crown as ms.philippines because of some issues on her birth certificate. her answer to the final question is not really that  'major major' of an answer...just 'so-so' that's why she didn't get to win the crown. but still, it's a 'major major' achievement. hehe :P

i choose to be happy!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

letter of apology from a filipino teenager

just as i was feeling down about the hostage drama that had happened recently (especially because there were children involved), i have stumbled upon a letter of apology from a filipino teenager regarding this incident. i told myself, all is not lost in this country of ours. this kid is mature enough to stand up for us filipinos. brave and patriotic kid indeed. read the letter and see for yourself.

(source of the letter:

i choose to be happy!

Monday, August 23, 2010


i was on my way to the office passing through my usual route when my 'blood type' suddenly occured in my mind. and i quickly reply to myself, "you're a B+". at that instant, i have my "aha" know, like something of a grand idea pop out of your mind. but it is not really that 'grand'. it's just that, i thought, wow, i'm a "B+". i might as well apply it in my life. i should aim "to be positve" matter how there you go, i created a new blog. though i'm not really a good blogger (i couldn't even keep up with weekly blogging!). i figured, wrting it makes it more real, achievable, possible.

please visit my new blog. and if you happen to have some ideas on how "to be positive", just shoot me a message and i would be very happy to feature it in this new project of mine. be positive!

i choose to be happy!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Saisaki's Tempura All You Can

i soooo love tempura!!! (i love shrimps in general...hehe!) and when i saw this ad on the billboard while in mrt, i was already drooooooling....i want this!

i choose to be happy!

mommy moments - movies & kids

we love watching movies, whether it be in a cinema, or at home watching dvds or on a computer. however, going out on a movie date nowadays is quite expensive! so it is really a treat to go watch a movie in a cinema while munching popcorns. that's why we were not able to bring little missy along to a movie house when she was smaller because if she throw some tantrums, then we will not be able to finish the movie (and that is money wasted!).

these photos were taken of course, on her first movie day out while waiting for the screening of shrek forever after. she was complaining (well sort of inquiring) that it is dark and was asking all sorts of question. to give her some assurance, we told her that it's like watching tv, a veeeerrrryyyy big TV! she's looking all over the place, and at one point she said while pointing to the projector room, "ayun yung dvd mama o!" (there's the dvd player mama). hehe! observant little kiddo =)

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Saturday, August 14, 2010

mommy moments - i love books!

yes, i do love books! and since it is quite a while since i last joined mommy moments, i couldn't let this one see, ever since i learned to read, i've been reading here and there...i read even the signboards! i remember slowly trying to read and understand 'funny comics' when i was a kid (yaiks! you now know from which era i belong!) i guess it is what gets me hook into reading. relatives sometimes fondly recall that when i was a child, they told me i would hold a book/comics/magazines and pretend that i know how to read it, creating my own story based on the pictures that i see...and luckily, i must have brush it on to my little missy, as she too, now does the same =)

she loves books! (she gamely poses for this picture). almost every night, we read a story or two (and sometimes even more!) at times, we'd switch role and she'll be the one to read the story to me, pretending she knows how to read and just repeating what i told her...hehe. when i forgot about our bedtime routine, she'll remind me about it...she would say, 'hindi na tayo nag-read mama' and then makes a sad face. when we go malling, we'd make sure to pass by a book store, and let her browse through some books.

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Thursday, August 12, 2010

23-aug-2010 more!

many are sooo looking forward to holidays...especially working moms like me because it would mean more time to spend with our family, more time to make kulitan with our kiddos. i was really looking forward to august 23, 2010 as a 'holiday' but i have already foreseen that since we have a new president, then the 'holiday economics' that was previously being observed will no longer be applicable. and true enough, our new president have declared august 23, 2010 as a regular working day. and that ninoy's death anniversary  that is august 21 which falls on a saturday be observed on its original date. so, there you no more...sigh...buti na lang i haven't made any arrangement for a vacation for this long weekend.

we still got some reason to smile though, there's still a long weekend coming this end of august. yey! =)

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

still alive and kicking!

yep, am here...still alive and kicking! so much have happened in the past month...still trying to recover from the pain of losing someone dear to us. but we are still here, we are ok and on the road to recovery. hopefully things will fall into place. i know that God will never leave us, especially in our times of need, and as always i have proven it yet again. thank God for this life! =)


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