Sunday, May 23, 2010

little missy's 1st artwork

when i got home, little missy showed me her was just some stick figures and all...but for me it was the most beautiful artwork.

this is the 1st one...i was kinda sad though b'coz i wasn't included. the round one she said is our house. and the 2 squares with legs, sila daw ni dada nya. i asked her bakit wala si mama, she replied "eh kasi hindi na kasya"...sad, but i'm still proud.

and then as if to appease me, she drew another one. the blue stick figure with round head is her, and the other two squares she said are mama and i'm happy =)

the 3rd one she said is a slide...and yes, she's the pink figure with the biggest head - nag-slide daw sya...and then she drew some lines on the left side of the slide, sabi nya hagdan daw yun...and she drew 2 more figures, again, si mama at dada daw yun =)

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