Tuesday, February 2, 2010

outreach 2009

i promised to catch up on the things that i wanted to post/share. and here's one that is really worth posting =)

every year, on christmas season, we have our yearly outreach activity. it started out as an idea that since there are 4 of us in our barkada celebrating our birthdays on december, and since we usually go out and treat the whole barkada, why not celebrate it with the less fortunate?...all the celebrants agreed. and all of our friends are very supportive. from then on, it became a yearly activity that we looked forward to.

we opted to have our yearly outreach activity last december 6, 2009 at the la mesa ecopark in quezon city. we figured, it would be great to tour the kids inside the park. it would be something new for them and they would also learn something about taking care of the environment.

of course, there were games, foods and lots of goodies. thanks again to our loyal sponsors as well as to the new addition to our sponsors. the kids surely appreciated it as evident in their happy faces =)

a big thank you also to CHILDHOPE ASIA, for bringing the street children and for assisting us in this activity.

looking forward to more years of doing this great endeavor.


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