Saturday, December 5, 2009

mommy moments - talented kids

i wasn't able to join last week's mommy moments as i couldn't find pictures of my little missy with the theme of 'chore time'. she knows how to keep her toys after playing, although after a while she would say, 'eh kasi napagod na ko, ikaw naman liligpit mama'...hehe, marunong na mag-rason! the important thing i think, is that she knows that she needs to pick up her toys keep them in the right place.

this week's theme is 'talented kids'. she could sing & dance just like most kids her age does. but what she loves the most is to read. she loves books. and she almost memorize all of its contents. she could easily identify the pictures and drawings and could even make a story just by looking at the illustrations. sometimes i get amazed at how she knew some of the things that i think she doesn't know yet!

my little reader and story teller =)

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  1. Hi, thanks for visiting my blog!

    She's indeed a very good story teller, she can make-up a story jsut by looking at the photos! At her age, she will still find other hobbies to fave, but nurture that talent because that's where she will find to widen her horizons. It means that she's growing to become an intelligent child.

    God Bless!

  2. you have a smart little girl.. :D its great that she loves book! :D

  3. That is great talent. and you would be surprised with the things they learn. Kids are fast learner.



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