Saturday, November 14, 2009

mommy moments - sporty day

this week's theme is sporty day. i would definitely encourage little missy if ever she'd become interested in a particular sport some day. i believe that it will help her develop good traits such as self discipline and being responsible to name a few.

two of the things that she enjoys right now that i think is sports related is riding her bike and swimming. she really loves the water so i think she'd be a good swimmer if it comes to that. she's also showing some interest in bowling (but she couldn't carry the ball, so right now she's just content on watching us play).

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mommy moments


  1. swimming and bike are the top entries this week! :D thanks for taking the time to join us!

  2. winner talaga ang swimming and biking sa mga kids. =D bowling is a good sport too!

    thanks for the visit and the message in my blog.

    see you round!



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