Sunday, October 18, 2009

mommy moments - a day at the mall

late entry again...but who cares...i'm still joining =)

the theme this time is a day at the mall. we've been to the mall a lot (who doesn't???) but i realized that little missy only got a couple of pics inside the mall and mostly, inside a particular store only...yep, you guessed it right...toy store it is =)

mommy moments

at glorietta mall

at 'toys r us' in trinoma

munching ice drop with plastic still on! at landmark

toy section at landmark

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  1. she is having fun at the mall!

  2. That's the spirit hehehe, who cares kung late at least nakahabol pa diba hehehe.. Ang cute cute naman ng prinsesita mo sistah hehehe. Busing busy sa pamimili hehehe..



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