Thursday, October 22, 2009


most people have this misconception that people working abroad (or living abroad) have tons of money...while it might be true for some, it is not always true for everyone else. sure they are earning $$$$dollars$$$$ which is way more than what we are earning here. but they are also spending dollars. plus the cost of living is also higher on other countries. so it just balances out.

i've seen some people who's content on living at the expense of their families living abroad not even minding to help themselves out. all they could do is ask and ask and ask. i feel for those who are enduring the lonelines of working abroad so as to earn a living. i hope that their familes here would realize how tough it is having to live on another place away from your family, that they would learn how to value all the things that they have and to live simply, that they would learn how to stand on their own or at least help themselves out and be useful.


  1. Oh my i love you for this post hahahaha. That is so true! Sometimes nakakafrustrate pag inaassume nila na bawat hingi eh maibibigay mo. They don't even think that we have our own needs din.. Hay buhay..

  2. @chubskulit

    onga sis...worst are those na tinutulungan mo pero ayaw naman nila tulungan yung sarili nila...di ba?! tsk tsk...

  3. Totally agree! It's just making me allergic to the word "Pasalubong". I even told some that if I would ask to be paid a peso everytime someone tells me that, I'd be able to accumulate a lot of money....

  4. @paullete

    so does that mean we could no longer ask you for a 'pasalubong'?!?!?!

    hehehe...just kidding, i know you know that it's just our way of 'lambing' to you and that we're not really expecting anything =)

    miss you friend! =)



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