Friday, October 23, 2009

international relief goods rotting at a DSWD warehouse?!?!?


according to the DSWD, this is not true...well and good if it is not true indeed. and hopefully, those relief goods would be distributed ASAP...or rather, NOW NA!

you can read more about it here and here.


caught this one on facebook. according to a volunteer named 'ella' there were some goods rotting in the DSWD warehouse. these are international donations from all over the world for the victims of typhoon 'ondoy' and 'pepeng' (and maybe typhoon 'ramil' which is expected to hit the country i think today if i'm not mistaken). the goods are not moving and are not reaching those people who needed them most....tsk tsk tsk

i've seen a lot of volunteers left & right at the height of typhoon 'ondoy' and 'pepeng' so i think that the excuse of DWSD that there are no volunteers is quite lame...totally not a valid excuse!!!

the original source: is not accessible for some reason. good thing the owner of was able to copy and paste the whole blog entry.

you may read the whole story here. hopefully, this site will not be blocked or something.

spread the word so that the whole country would be aware...and hopefully our government would be forced to do something about it...

and oh...if somebody would be kind enough to translate the story in english so that others will understand the whole story, that would be great...but that means, re-posting the whole story in english with the photos as well. am really hoping someone would do that...if only i'm good at words, i'd do please please...


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