Thursday, September 24, 2009

facebook fever

at work, the company has decided to block some of the websites that most of the employees frequently visits. and so, of course the number one on the list is facebook...funny though because a lot of people got stress out by this, or so i was a running joke for quite some time, or maybe it will continue to go on, people stressing about not being able to access facebook...that they would not be able to harvest their plants on farmville and everything would go to waste. i'm quite amused really. buti na lang i wasn't addicted to it as everyone else, that's why it has little impact to me.

but seriously though, if the company decides to block websites, you couldn't really do anything about it. after all, it is the company resources that you're using. so you can rant all day long everyday about it, but you just have to accept it.

i'd like to share with you this funny video of happy slip about facebook...enjoy! =)

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

bohol itinerary

as promised, here's a re-post of our bohol itinerary...take note that this was way back 2008, so make some adjustments with the costs...hope this helps =)


hubby and i together with some friends went to bohol last oct. 24-27, 2008. it was fun and surely, if given a chance, we would definitely go back =)

we booked our tickets early to avail of the piso flight promo of Cebu Pacific and then we have a contact person who arranged the tours and the accomodation for us. for us, it's better to get a packaged tour so that everything is already fixed and we don't have to worry about every small detail of the trip. of course food is not included in the package, except for the Loboc River Cruise which includes a lunch buffet. the overall cost of the packaged tour we think, is just right since there are 8 of us to split the price.

total cost per head for the tour & accomodation is Php 4,300.00 which includes all the land tours, 1 buffet lunch, airconditioned room (for 2 persons) near the beach, and the sea tours. not bad eh? we think it's a good deal =)

food cost is quite expensive in panglao. you must allot at least 200 pesos per head per meal. or better yet, if you're staying at a place with a kitchen, buy foods to cook in tagbilaran first before going to panglao. ask your guide/driver about it.

we are supposed to go to hinagdanan cave but we spent too much time at the souvenir if you really like to go to the cave, just inform your guide that you want to go there first.

via Cebu Pacific piso flight promo (

Alona Tropical Resort (


1st Day
8:00 AM - ETD from Manila
9:15 AM - ETA at Tagbilaran
9:30 AM - Fetch at the airport, proceed to Bohol Bee Farm
10:00 AM - Bohol Bee Farm; Brunch
1:00 PM - Drop to Resort; Alona Tropical
2:00 PM - Swim! Swim! Swim!

2nd Day
8:00 AM - Breakfast
9:00 AM - Land Tour
- Blood Compact
- Baclayon Church
- Python Sanctuary
- Bolo Making/Nipa Weaving
- Hanging Bridge
- Bilar Man Made Forest
- Chocolate Hills- Tarsier Encounter
- Loboc River Cruise with Buffet Lunch; sidetrip to Ati Tribe
- Souvenir Shop
6:30 PM - Back to Resort
7:00 PM - Dinner
9:00 PM - Rest

3rd Day
5:00 AM - Wake up call
5:30 AM - Fetch at the resort for sea tour
6:00 AM - Sea Tours- Dolphin Watching
- Snorkeling at Fish Sanctuary/Balicasag Island
10:00 AM - Brunch at Balicasag Island; Fresh Seafoods! Yummy!
11:00 AM - Transfer to Virgin Island/Sandbar
11:30 AM - Swim! Swim! Swim!
1:00 PM - Return to Resort
2:00 PM - Swim again at the resort pool
4:00 PM - Rest6:00 PM - Dinner

4th Day
6:00 AM - Wake up call
6:30 AM - Breakfast
8:30 AM - Fetch at the Resort going to Tagbilaran
9:30 AM - Souvenir Hunting at Tagbilaran
10:00 AM - Brunch at Jo's Payag Chicken Inato Resto
12:00 PM - Malling at BQ Mall
12:30 PM - Fetch at BQ Mall going to the Airport
2:00 PM - ETD from Tagbilaran
3:30 PM - ETA at Manila

contact person:
tata rabe (email:

helpful websites:

Monday, September 21, 2009


i enjoy travelling...very much!

i started this blog about my travels entitled 'lakwatsarap' but of course couldn't sustain most of my previous i figured, this new blog would have a better chance of staying 'alive'...well, i will just re-post all the previous posts on my travels and try to add some more along the help me God...please please...

Sunday, September 20, 2009

my only u

just finished watching the movie "my only u" starring vhong navarro & toni gonzaga...finally! it took me forever to actually finish the movie with little missy always bugging me as usual...i actually enjoyed the film...its light, funny & quite moving in it's own weird way...maybe because it's about losing somebody you truly love...and quite frankly, i couldn't imagine losing another one of my beloved...who would anyway?...i'd rather i'd go first if it comes to it...but then again, i wouldn't want my little missy to experience the same ordeal that i've got to go through growing up...and of course there's hubby....that's why i thank God for everyday that He gives me...for every hour, for every minute, for every second...

Friday, September 18, 2009

mommy moments - treasured pictures

mommy moments

this week's theme is treasured pictures...i have here some of my favorite pictures which truly captured some of little missy's treasured moments =)

little missy & treasured ones...the love of my life

loving every moment of her bath time

little missy in a bubble...enjoying the moment

and of course, our wacky wedding picture =)

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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

wednesday madness

i don't know what's with wednesday...lagi na lang mahirap sumakay. i was so upset because i arrived early to work, and naturally would want to go home early...but then i ended up arriving at our house almost 9pm! akalain mo?!...i left the office before 5pm, medyo nag-ikot lang sandali sa mall, then pumila na sa sakayan at about 5:30pm...whew!

i was really stressed out...i guess, it also includes the stress from work...only because i allowed work to stress me out! habang nasa sasakyan at naiinis...sinubukan kong mag-muni-muni...i think of the good things that happen to me within the day despite of the hassles...but of course, it's so hard to think of positive things when you're not in the mood...ok, change strategy...take a deep breath...inhale, exhale...then take a nap instead...hehe...

now that i can think clearly...i'm still thankful...despite of it least i arrived home safely to be with my little missy and hubby =)

Friday, September 11, 2009

mommy moments - hat day

mommy moments

it's mommy moments once again and today's theme is 'hat day'...found a few pics of little missy wearing hats or anything that could pass up as a hat =)

a plastic basket hat?

hip-hop little missy...she got the outfit from my stack of clothes and insisted on wearing them =)

with jollibee bday party hat with matching dance moves...yeah baby!

little missy gamely poses with a santa hat

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Thursday, September 10, 2009

choose to be happy

it is said that we should choose our battle...kinda hard to do especially if you're pissed. but i think it's still doable.

this past few days, i've been encountering little events that kinda annoyed me. if it was the old me, i think i would be burning with anger already and would have been pissed off the whole day. but then i'm trying my best to be positive. and that includes choosing my battle. besides, it's energy consuming to burden yourself with petty things that doesn't really matter. sabi nga, "sayang ang energy, sayang ang effort". so i'd rather choose to be happy.

if you're done getting angry, and you've made your point already, then smile na ulit. life goes on you know =)

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

the debutant

happy 18th birthday 'ate dang2'!!!
welcome to the 'adult' that you're old enough, you need to be more responsible...but you always are...that's why you are such a wonderful gal...dream big, aim high but always be humble...we will always be here for you...GOD BLESS!!!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

mommy moments - dress up day

i was reading a fellow mommy's blog and found the mommy journey site which hosts a weekly themed pictures of unforgettable moments of mommies with their kiddos. i think it's fun, so am joining. besides, i still got tons of pictures of little missy that i haven't posted yet...tsk.tsk.
mommy moments

here's my entry...i'm not sure though if it is still open 'coz as per the site, the mommy moments is open every friday...but just the same...i'm still posting it, simply because it's cool =)

little missy's first trick or treat last november 2008 at our office

i'm not sure what she is though...a fairy princess? a pixie princess? whatever...all i know is that she looks really cute in her costume =)

happy birthday dearest sister

today is mama mary's birthday...happy birthday mama mary!

and today is also my dearest sister's birthday....our 'ate'...well, actually she's more of a mother to us...she definitely stood up to her responsibility of being the eldest in the family. when daddy passed away, she took the role of being our father too. HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAREST SISTER!!! we may not be too vocal in thanking you, but in our hearts, we are always and ever thankful that we have you... thank you for everything...thank you for never ceasing to care for us...GOD BLESS!!! we wish you good health & happiness =)

Monday, September 7, 2009

working holiday

september 7 - yep, today was supposed to be a non-working holiday as declared by malacañang to observe the 'national day of mourning' for iglesia ni cristo executive minister eraño "ka-erdy" manalo...however, since the announcement was made late, friday evening after regular office hours, we were required to work today. i was already looking forward to a whole day of rest...but then again, we need to get up early and haul ourselves to the office.

the good part is that, walang pila sa sakayan, no traffic!, and hindi siksikan sa mrt =)

that means, early to work...and early to get home...not so bad at all...

wonder baby...sooo cute!

this is so cute! and little missy is currently loving it =)

Sunday, September 6, 2009


these past few days, little missy has been so clingy. pagdating ko sa bahay, nakadikit na yan sa akin. i couldn't even eat properly because she wanted to sit on my lap. i couldn't even get to the loo because she also wanted to go in the toilet with me. aysus! but despite of all the hassles, i appreciate it and i love it. i understand that she just wants our uninterrupted attention. sabi nila, 'nagpapapansin' lang daw...but i think, it's more of 'naglalambing' lang...

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

another long weekend...

what a weekend! been out and about saturday & sunday...buti na lang monday was a holiday (national hero's day)and so i got one day of rest =)

saturday, we went to vinson's 7th birthday celebration (little missy's cousin). how time really flies, big boy na si 'ading'. of course, little missy enjoyed the party. and it's one event we get to see our relatives and catch up even for a short while.

naipasyal nga rin pala namin ang aming batuting...nag-enjoy mag-slide ng mag-slide. akalain mong nag-slide pa ng nakadapa! sayang, we were not able to take some pics, ang kulit pa naman nya. katuwa panoorin =)

sunday i've got some personal errands, muntik pang di matuloy due to heavy rain at our place, pagdating ko ng quezon city, walang ulan! hindi rin ako late, sakto lang, yey! =)

~comfort foods...again...~

thursday - jolly hotdog (from jollibee)
friday - free lunch at recipes by cafe metro (courtesy of the office) thanks! thanks!

sarap talagang kumain! thank you LORD for the food that we eat...


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