Saturday, August 22, 2009


was able to go through all the places as planned and even got the chance to have a sidetrip to visit little missy's 'daddy' (grandfather) and her cousins. we missed the place and the kids of course, but then we have a place of our own now. but knowing that we could always go back and visit is comforting enough.

was able to visit kat&bri and see the new addition to the family, the new addition to the 'barkada', ang bagong ka-tropa ni little missy sa mga lakwatsa, si "baby boy manangan". forgot to ask the name of the baby, katakot hawakan, he looks so fragile. oh well, all newborn baby does. welcome to the world baby!

little missy enjoyed the bday party that we attended although she was asleep when we arrived and didn't get the chance to play along during the party games. she enjoyed just dancing on her own, but then she would run to me and hide everytime somebody tries to get a picture of her. ayaw pa ngang umuwi, so ang ending, umiiyak syang umalis. we forgot to bring a camera, kaya walang picture at video. manghihingi na lang ng copy sa mga me dalang camera, buti na lang meron dala ang iba! =)

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