Monday, August 17, 2009

new route

tried a new route today by accident. mahaba na kasi ang pila sa van/fx, siguro kasi monday. so we tried to look for a ride outside the subdivision. we saw a jeepney going to philcoa, but the signboard doesn't indicate where it would pass through. but we rode it anyway. it passed through the san mateo - batasan route. longer travel time than the litex route, but just the same kesa naman mag-antay sa pagdating ng sasakyan na walang kasiguraduhan. we just need to left the house much earlier the next time. still adjusting. we'll get used to it. soon...


sunday we went to church, had our first mass as a family at our new place. as usual, little missy wants to poop in the middle of the mass! buti na lang nilibang sya ng dada nya that she forgot about it. we're thinking it's her excuse (sort of) para makalabas ng church. after the mass, she kept on saying, "wala na si father" and we're thinking what she meant by that. and then we realized, ang ibig pala nyang sabihin is that, hindi kami nagpunta kay father (the priest) to have a blessing (which is usually being done after the mass at our regular church in manila).

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